Lemvig Maskin- & Køleteknik ApS

Nethauler from Lemvig Maskin- & Køleteknik ApS

Lemvig Maskin- & Køleteknink ApS has many years of experience in manufacturing equipment for the fishing industry as well as repair and renovation of these. The company covers an unusually broad range of activities within the fisheries and the maritime sector.


Lemvig Maskin & Køleteknik ApS manufactures one of the best and most reliable nethauls. With a tensile force of 1050 kg at only 200bar makes it also one of the most effective nethaulers. A maximum pressure of 450bar demonstrates how effective the nethauler can work. Despite the effectiveness the nethauler is incredibly quiet.

Nethauler is made with a focus on minimizing damage to fish as much as possible. Likewise the nethauler is constructed so that there is minimum wear and tear on mechanical parts.

Technical data:

  • Traction v. 200 bar: 1050 kg
  • Max consumption: 60 L / min
  • Max pressure: 450 bar
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