Lemvig Maskin- & Køleteknik ApS

Crab Crusher from Lemvig Maskin- & Køleteknik ApS

Lemvig Maskin- & Køleteknink ApS has many years of experience in manufacturing equipment for the fishing industry as well as repair and renovation of these. The company covers an unusually broad range of activities within the fisheries and the maritime sector.

Crab Crusher

Lemvig Maskin & Køleteknik ApS is also famous for their crab crusher and has recently, in collaboration with the The Danish Fishermen's Occupational Health Services, developed on their already good crab crusher.

The developement is that Lemvig Maskin & Køleteknik ApS has developed a safety device that makes that no one can hurt their fingers in the crab crusher. There is simply no way that your fingers can reach into the rollers. It stops the rolls because a steel frame has to be lifted up to get acces to them, and the opening of the frame shuts down the pressure and the crab crusher stops. This increases the safety for the crews aboard the Danish and foreign fishing vessels.

Technical data:

• Max consumption: 25-30 l / min
• Max pressure: 450 bar

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