Lemvig Maskin- & Køleteknik ApS

Flood protection from LMK Teknik ApS

LMK Teknik ApS develops flood-protection and -prevention systems made of steel and seawater-resistant aluminum.

Flood protection and prevention

LMK Teknik ApS handles lots of tasks with steel and seawater-resistant aluminum. In collaboration with Hasløv & Kjærsgaard architects we designed gates and pillars for flood-prevention. Together with concrete elements from Oranje Beton in Holstebro they secure the city-center of Lemvig against flooding.

Over the years we've produced several hatches and doors for the fishing-industry, that have to be 100% waterproof in all weather-conditions.

It is this expertise and know-how we transferred to the aluminum doors, which are part of the flood protection system developed for Lemvig.

The flood protection system we offer, consists of pillars made from galvanized steel and ports and bulkheads made from seawater-resistant aluminum.

The ports and bulkhead are not only designed to withstand the huge water-masses, they are also designed to be handled by just one person. The gates use a slide-system, and can easily be sled to the sides. The bulkheads can easily be removed by hand.

Our port system has already passed tests in real life - and secured the town of Lemvig, Denmark against flooding - during the cyclone "Xaver" in 2013 and the storm "Egon" in 2014.

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